Choosing Wholesale Candy Store

We are a small independent retail and wholesale candy distributor located. Our business has spanned four generations. Since the beginning we have chosen to remain a smaller sized, family business.

By remaining a smaller sized business, we have kept complete control over our inventory and its Wholesale Candy Store ordering. We order our candy from the manufacturers in smaller quantities, so that we are sure it will turn over at least once every thirty days. For the consumer this means, you will get the freshest candy possible. There are some candies which have a shelf life or freshness date of up to one year, but we still use our thirty date turn over theory even with these candies.

Quality and value are the two most important factors in our choice of products. If we feel that a candy product is overpriced and not a good value for the money, we simply do not carry it.

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It began just after the birth of Dixie, my fourth little munchkin.  We’d received some great presents from friends and family – plenty of what we needed most – baby growers, socks, bibs and hats, but I felt there was a need for something different, something unique to be given as a gift to parents of new babies – something that turned necessities into memorable treasures.

I vowed from that day forward that the next friend who had a baby would get a practical and useful gift made with love from me. I bought a few bodysuits, bibs, socks, hats, ribbon and a box and sitting at my dining room table my first product came to life.

The magic began that friend told another friend, who told another friend and so on now I have a few Candy Store Online Free Shipping more bodysuits, bibs, socks and hats, larger reels of ribbon and rolls and rolls of cellophane and I am no longer working at my dining room table anymore!

We now have lots of fun taking our products to baby events and fares and coming up with loads of new and unique ideas for new mums and dads.  We are currently working on our toddler and sibling range so that the whole family can get a bit of The Cotton Candy love!

Currently all the products at The Bulk Candy Store are made by us, but we will soon be adding to our range with unique hand-made gifts from other suppliers that complement our brand and our vision.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been attending a number of Christmas fairs and we’ve heard loud and clear that you also want gifts for older siblings and we’re pleased to add products in larger sizes to the range.

We really value your feedback, so please let us know if there are other types of products you would like to see us stocking.